Hello, I’m Chris Sr. and along with my son Chris Jr.  we raise Grass Finished Beef and Old Fashioned Pasture Raised Pork in the grasslands of Northern Nebraska.  Our “grass farm” is about 10 miles north of Butte or 20 miles south west of Pickstown SD.  We have been on this farm since 2003. In the years we have been here we hvae not used any chemicals on the farm. Our livestock are raised as close to nature as possible. There is no routine use of antibiotics or any other medications. We don’t even use chemical dewormers on our cattle, pigs or other livestock with perhaps the ocassional exception of the horses.  It’s always been our goal to use the livestock and managed grazing to both heal and rebuild the land.

I’ve been involved wih agriclulture in one way or another since college. Sustainable and regenerative agriculture since about 2000.  My educational background is related but not directly so.  I majored in Geo-Studies ( Geography & Earth Sciences ) along with a Business Administration Minor and a concentration in the Industrial Arts. I worked construction through college and kept on doing that after college along with farming.  Due to these combinations of experiecnes we are able to do most if not all of our own building and building repairs, welding and vehicle and other equipment repairs as well on farm.   The realities of the modern age mean we’re also both fairly well versed in computers and use of the internet as well!

Besides the farm and the construction:
I’ve been a student of  Holistic ( Resource ) Management for many years.
I’m a Nebraska Sustainale Agriculture Society Board member.
I’ve been published a few times in The Stockman Grass Farmer.
I was published fairly regularly in the Educator’s Edition when it was till being published.
I’ve also been published in the Norfolk Daily News and have been ocassionally qouted in  The Omaha World Herald.



Chris Marlowe Jr.

Hi Im Chris Marlowe I live on the farm with my dad, My daily jobs change to whatever needs to be done that day. Some days its changing oil some days its welding a loader arm back together, my daily dutys include taking care of the hogs ,website updating, other sales outlets, and many other jobs.