Is It Finished?

In the “Stockman Grass Farmer” this month they were talking about the problem of “grass finished” cattle not having enough fat to make decent hamburger. This is a result of the cattle being harvested at too light of a weight. Our ground is still lean, which if you’ve had it you can attest to, but our beeves have a high enough level of fat on them that the processing plant is able to add some fat to the ground.

I got ridiculed by another producer the other day for not being able to grass finish our beeves by the age of 24 months. I could harvest them at that weight but then they’d be too lean as well.

If you do end up with ground beef or buffalo ( basically the same animal ) that is too lean too cook up properly one trick is to save your bacon grease and fry the hamburgers up in that. I’ve even thought about offering a combination beef/pork “burger”. Thoughts?

I’ve had some folks asking about availability. I’ve got two beeves ready to go. I know a producer selling quality out door hogs into the commodity stream weakly ( a waste of good pork ). Get your orders and deposits in and we’ll get things going again. Ditto for chicken. We’re happy to raise it but it does cost a lot to do so. The feed bill alone to raise a meat chicken is more than they sell the mass produced confinement raised chicken for in the grocery stores.

My son and I are in the process of launching an online or digital marketing service. We would like to help you build and manage your online presence. We have several affordable monthly packages available or we can work out a custom plan to suit your needs.

If you’re thinking: “We don’t need any more work – we’re already too busy!” A good informational website can actually take some of the pressure off of you and your staff by educating new potential customers for you – meaning you and your staff spend less time answering questions and more time doing the actual work.

About us: We live on the farm north of Butte. Along with the farm we also operate a small remodeling business. Most of our business promotion is done online. Through the simple task of handling our own online marketing we’ve learned the nuts and bolts of online marketing. Over the last couple of years we’ve observed that very few of our area businesses have an online presence and that observation has lead us to launch an “online digital marketing” service.

We are local, understand farming, the trades and what it takes to operate a business. These are the big things that set us apart from a web developer you might find online. Our introductory rates are more affordable than all but the cheapest “web developers” and we’re even competitive with having your own busy staff managing your online presence. While our new business is still evolving we are ready to start helping you build your online presence. Not only will you find it affordable but given a little time you’ll find it profitable as well.

Print ads are important but the trouble is hardly anyone under 40 is seeing them and even fewer folks under 30. Most folks begin their search for products and services online. Especially the under 40 crowd! The under 30 demographic does so almost exclusively. If your business doesn’t have a strong online presence your other advertising is missing most of these potential customers!

We can help! This is a short summary of each of the most prevalent online platforms and why we all need to consider having a presence in each of them:

-Website construction and updates. This is your “store front” on the web. This is where we showcase your business, your staff, and your products and services. Photos, text, videos, testimonials.

-Social Media Management: Facebook and Twitter. Others available too. This is where we stay in touch with the happenings and offerings your business has, and drive traffic to your website.

Email Newsletter: This is a direct way to reach your clients on a regular basis to stay in touch with them, update them to new offerings and drive traffic back to your website.

-Blogs: This is where we get into the nuts and bolts and hows and whys of your business and why the customer needs your products and or services.

-Youtube: This is one place we can park videos showcasing your business and also drive traffic to your website.

-Online Sales: Website, Amazon, Ebay, etc. This is where we reach out to sell products online that may be surplus to our local needs. Want to buy in bulk but can’t possibly sell that many locally? This is how we sell those surplus units. Ancient parts sitting in inventory? Someone somewhere is searching for it for their restoration. This can be done under another business name.

Simply provide us with the “raw materials” and we’ll do the rest. Notes, print sales materials, rough drafts, photos, supplier promotional materials, etc. We’ll keep your social media accounts active and up to date. We’ll update your website and blog. Don’t know where to start? We can also visit your business and take photos, videos and do interviews with your staff.

I have a gift for the written word and for editing so don’t worry about getting the wording perfect. Just scratch out the basics and I’ll make it shine.

Lastly, my son does PC repairs, upgrades and offers PC recycling services. If you need help with any of these please let us know.

Thank you, Chris Marlowe, Butte NE

Support Freedom – Support Small Business

Suppot Freedom

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We are taking orders for grass finished beef and pasture raised pork for this fall. Exact date to be determined by when orders come in and when we can get locker dates.  Get your orders in now!

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Support Freedom — Shop With Mom & Pop

Shop with Mom and Pop businesses when you can. True it’s hard to find very many independent retailers left. Pretty much everything has moved to the big box stores. There are other Mom & Pop businesses too though. Closest to my heart of course are small family held and family worked farms and small family run contracting businesses.

These are the folks who support freedom and free enterprise and small business. When you do business with them you are supporting freedom!


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Hello and welcome to our blog.  You’ll mostly find articles on farm related stuff here, maybe a little from our construction and cabinet business. Today though I wanted to share a tiny bit on my Catholic faith though:

As a Catholic and as a Knight of Columbus I’ve periodically had fellow Christians of other faiths feel the need to express to me their dissatisfaction with the Catholic Church. Sometimes over doctrinal differences but just as often over some oddity I’ve never previously known anything about. By contrast I’ve rarely heard Catholics mention anything at all about other faiths beyond perhaps some basic curiosity about what they do or don’t do. I’ve never heard a Catholic Priest denigrate any other Christian denomination nor our brothers and sisters of any other faiths and of no faith. I’m not claiming it doesn’t happen just that I’ve not witnessed it.

The Catholic Church is not a closed club by any means. All are welcome to attend mass. If you’re at all curious about what we do at mass just simply attend a mass sometime and observe. Only Catholics in good standing can take communion. For most Catholics that simply means they’ve been to confession recently. While only Catholics in good standing can take communion all are welcome to receive a blessing. Simply follow everyone else forward in the communion lines and when you get to the priest fold your arms over your shoulders. Instead of offering you communion the Priest will bless you. If you choose to pass entirely please exit the pew and let others pass. Then you may sit back down.

I’ve heard Islam denigrated a lot lately as well. I’m not really sure what the point of that is. More war? I hardly find that desirable. I don’t pretend to be an expert but I personally tend to accept that “Allah” is the Arabic word for “God” and that they believe as do we that there is only one God and hence we worship and serve the same God. Much of the Quran ( Koran ) comes from the Jewish/Christian Bible. Most Muslims are simply trying to live and raise their families and to serve God in their way. I’m certainly prepared to pick up my rifle and defend my family and my country but given the choice I’d prefer to live in peace with other people. I’m hardly advocating for Islam, just for peace. I am most definitely against the ongoing process of bringing large numbers of unvetted Syrian refuges into Western Europe and into our own country.

Peace this Sunday.

Order Your Fall Pasture Finished Pork!

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We are taking orders for pasture finished pork for this fall. There are several different affordable packages to choose from.  Please get your orders in soon so we can be sure to have enough!

Pasture raised meats are typically higher in Omega 3, Vitamin D and are typically overall higher in vitamins and minerals. Many people consider pasture raised pork to have a firmer texture and richer fuller taste.  Please try it for yourself!

To order please follow the link above.

Thanks, Chris



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Just thinking this morning:

“Why yes Waiter, I’ll have the industrial, hormone implanted, chicken manure fed steak that stood in a high density feedlot breathing fecal material from the rest of its cell mates for months. My kids will have the Tilapia fish sticks from China which were fed on industrial and municipal waste and aren’t required to pass any sort of USDA inspection since they are an import.”

The growth hormones they use in beef cattle don’t really cause the animal to grow faster or bigger. They mostly allow the cells to hold more water. So, when you buy growth hormone implanted beef you’re really only paying for more water.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand folks consciously making the choice to feed their families poultry manure fed beef when they could be feeding them grass finished beef or at least corn finished beef from a more natural farm.

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Wednesday May 11, 2016

Wow! Lots happening on the farm right now!  First of all though if you were trying to find the website you can continue to it by clicking on the this link: used to take you straight to the website but since I added the blog  it goes to the blog instead!   I still haven’t figured out how to undo that! We’ll be building a new website later in the summer. If all else fails it will get straightened out then!

Let’s see, the bees arrived almost two weeks ago. They appear to be doing well so far.  I’ve only been stung once so far. Incidentally the only time I had a bee suit and veil on! Lol!  We’ve got potatos, sweet corn and tomatos planted. Need to plant the rest of the garden!  We never did do anything with the green house this winter spring but we were lucky enough to have seeds we planted last year germinate early this spring and we’ve been having fresh salads out of there for a couple of months now!  One calf has been born. The rest of the cows should calve in August or so.  Pigs were born yesterday! Pretty excited to be back in the pig business — even if it’s on a small scale!


Patching an old tin roof today!  My son and put the roof on our old wood frame farrowing barn 13 years ago. It was 50+ years old when we installed it!  Nails have popped, nail gaskets have failed and there were some unused nail holes I never did get tarred up!  So, that’s what we’ll be doing today. Pull some nails and replace with new nails or screws, tap others back in place and tar the extra holes!

We are taking orders for whole hogs for later this summer. A whole hog is the absolute cheapest way we can fill your freezer.  $1.00 pound live weight, customer pays processing.  Emails us at to order.    These hogs will be pasture raised/finished, supplemented with grain, and will have lived cruelty free lives.

That’s all for now. Thanks! -Chris



We Are What We Eat!

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The nice weather has me jittery to be outside working, so putting some desk work and marketing projects on hold for a day or so. Just a thought from some material I read and watched last night:

1. If we are what we eat. Then we are what our food ate as well.
2. Our fruits and vegetables need to come from soils that are rich in minerals and organic matter. “Nutrient dense.” Fruits and vegetables from mined out soils are really just faux food. They look like real food but may lack the vitamins and especially the minerals they should have.
3. Livestock raised on mined out pastures and fed grains grown on mined out soils simply cannot have the vitamin and mineral content they are supposed to.

Farms like ours are have been making the effort to rebuild our soils. To rebuild both the organic matter and re-mineralize our soils. It’s a slow process. It’s not as simple as ordering up a fertilizer truck. Not if we want lasting results. In fact ordering a load of fertilizer is often counter productive. One of our management goals is bringing back the bio-diversity in our soils. If we apply commercial fertilizers it will often kill much of the sub-soil life we are trying to cultivate. The fertilizer will provide a short term boost to the soil but at a long term expense to the soils.

Rebuilding soils, whether on pasture or in crop fields, is mostly a long term return to management decisions.


Bee Hives

Wow! What a beautiful day on the farm.  Two in a row actually.  In a few short weeks we have three packages of honey bees coming.  We haven’t had bees in more than ten years. Our hive boxes are mostly from the 30’s. Miraculously they’d never been painted before. They weren’t used very long. When I bought them they’d been in storage since the 30’s!

Yesterday we gave them a light sanding and then sealed them with an exterior polyurethane based finish. We put the second coat on today and also put a fresh coat on some other components — components that had been previously painted.  There’s more to do before the bees come but their new homes look good anyway!